Sep 27 2012

Our Club

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Shodokan Aikido  was developed by Tomiki Shihan and his top students. This development continues at Shodokan Clubs around the world under the guidance of Nariyama Shihan. The techniquies are based on many of the principals of kendo including distance and centre line defence, and the balance breaking and training exercises of Judo. Shodokan Aikido is unique in the Aikido world as it incorporates training against a non-cooperative opponent with the aim of improving the application of the techniques. This improvement can be achieved through an understanding of what makes an effective technique learnt through practices called tsukuri.

Our aikido dojo is at BTB Martial Arts and Fitness Centre in East Keilor, Melbourne Australia. Please see our Location page for details on how to find it. We’re conveniently situated to cater for the Melbourne Northern suburbs.

The club is not for -profit.Theclasses vary from 1 and a ½ hours to 2 hours and are taken by the 5th dan instructor, Sensei David Woolcock.

All aikido-ka and beginners 16 years old and over are welcome. You can watch or join in and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may haveThe instructors are experienced in catering for all levels during the class.